An introduction to the life and music contribution of johann sebastian bach

Indeed, if one happened to mention the name "Bach" at the turn of the eighteenth century, it would likely have been understood to mean Carl Philipp Emanuel, harpsichordist to Frederich the Great. But not forgotten are the progeny of Anna Magdalena: Wilhelm Friedemann Bach W. Despite his acknowledged genius as an organist, improviser and composer, his income and employment were unstable and he died in poverty.

An introduction to the life and music contribution of johann sebastian bach

September 5, - LeipzigGermany Died: He is noted for influencing the concerto style of Mozart. Life Johann Christian Bach [50] was born to J. His distinguished father was already 50 at the time of his birth, which would perhaps contribute to the sharp differences between his music and that of his father.

He was also J. He became an organist at a cathedral in Milan in He also embarked on an operatic career, with operas staged in Turin and Naples.

Early years

During his time in Italy he converted from Lutheranism to Catholicism. He met soprano Cecilia Grassi in and married her shortly thereafter.

She was about eight years older than Johann Christian and, perhaps because of this, they never had children. He also promoted and played in a prominent concert series with his compatriot and friend Carl Friedrich Abela notable player of the viola da gamba.

He befriended the boy W. Mozart on his London visit, Many of his works were published, including songs written for Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens. But the success of these works, like that of his London operas, was limited.

Music Johann Christian Bach composed cantatas, chamber music, keyboard and orchestral works, operas and symphonies.

His music blends sound German technique with Italian fluency and grace; hence its appeal to, and influence upon, the young Mozart. His symphonies follow the Italian three-movement pattern: The peak of his output comes in the six symphonies of his Op.

His interest in orchestral colour gave rise to several symphonies concertantes, for various soloists and orchestra, suitable material for his London concerts.

At these he also played his piano concertos, attractive for their well-developed solo-tutti relationship though still modest in scale. Of his chamber music, the Op. He also composed keyboard sonatas, with and without violin accompaniment, in a style accessible to his pupils and players of modest ability.

His music is often leisurely in manner, and this must have militated against the operas success as dramatic music. He also composed a quantity of Latin sacred music during his time in Italy. Though sometimes regarded as a decadently hedonistic composer by comparison with his brother Carl Philipp Emanuel BachJohann Christian stands firmly as the chief master of the galant, who produced music elegant and apt to its social purpose, infusing it with vigour and refined sensibility.

Johann Christian Bach is of some historical interest as the first composer who preferred the piano to older keyboard instruments such as the harpsichord. Contrasting styles of J. Bach and that of Johann Christian. Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach was 36 by the time J.

He composed in the galant style incorporating balanced phrases, emphasis on melody and accompaniment, without too much contrapuntal complexity. The galant movement was against the intricate lines of Baroque music, and instead placed importance on fluid melodies in periodic phrases.

It preceded the classical style, which fused the galant aesthetics with a renewed interest in counterpoint. Bach and the symphony The symphonies in the Work List for J. Bach in the New Grove Bach Family listed ninety-one works.

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A little more than half of these, 48 works, are considered authentic, while the remaining 43 are doubtful.By Johann Kuhnau had begun to publish some of the first sonatas for keyboard instrument alone, a number of them programmatic pieces on biblical subjects.

Johann Sebastian Bach, the greatest composer of Baroque sonatas, continued the move away from the treatment of the keyboard in the subordinate, “filling-in” capacity that was its role in the continuo.

Also in the second half of the 19th century, Philipp Spitta published Johann Sebastian Bach, the standard work on Bach's life and music.

By that time, Bach was known as the first of the three Bs in 28 July (aged 65), Leipzig. This profile of Johann Sebastian Bach will give you the information you need to understand the life of the revered composer.

Bach's father, Johann Ambrosius, married Maria Elisabeth Lämmerhirt on April 8, Bach became extremely involved and composed much of his music in Leipzig.

Bach spent the rest of his days there and in .

An introduction to the life and music contribution of johann sebastian bach

Johann Sebastian Bach His Life, Art and Work. Translated from the German of Jo- Introduction [ix] Johann Nikolaus Forkel, author of the monograph of which the following pages afford a translation, was born at Meeder, a Bach, a more valuable contribution to the literature of music.

As a German composer whose early works exemplified the grandeur of Baroque style and whose subsequent works evolved into pure Classicism, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach’s keyboard music offers a charming and historical look into the musical transition between two great eras of music history.

Early development in Italy

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