Business in portfolio should be related

Chart is for illustrative purposes only and is not indicative of any investment. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Why is it so important to have a risk level you can live with? As the example above illustrates, the value of a diversified portfolio usually manifests itself over time.

Business in portfolio should be related

How To Create An Awesome Work Portfolio

It provides an opportunity to display your achievements, awards and accolades. It also gives you a place to include relevant references and referral letters. Each business portfolio should be tailored to a specific job in a specific company.

Create an electronic version to send to employers via e-mail and a hard copy version you can send instead of a resume. Cover Package your portfolio in an attractive binder or folder that you can leave with the recruiter.

Creating a Paper Portfolio

The first page is your letter of introduction, formerly known as your cover letter. In the cover letter, briefly state your qualifications for the job and include important keywords used in the job posting.

Business in portfolio should be related

Include a short synopsis of the rest of the contents of the portfolio -- a sort of table of contents. Career Your resume should be attached next and it should clearly outline your objective and relevant experience and background.

For example, if you are seeking a writing job, include copies of published articles or reviews of a book. In the academic field, you can attach copies of one or two of your research papers.


Show off a brochure you created or pictures of a new product or distribution method you designed. Credentials Include copies of certifications you need for the job and a copy of your diploma, if the employer requires that. References A portfolio gives you an opportunity to drop names that the recruiter will recognize as leaders in the industry.

Get a referral letter from your previous employer; preferably from a CEO or business owner. Use one page to provide names and contact information of your references and attach two or three top-notch reference letters behind that page.A business or career portfolio is useful for expanding on the information contained in your resume and cover letter.

It not only illustrates your skills and accomplishments, but also validates resume and cover letter statements. Related versus unrelated diversification is an important distinction to understand as you evaluate the diversification question.

The portfolio approach is where you pursue and "rationalize" diversification strategies - which companies to buy and sell and keep as part of your portfolio strategy - some businesses will be disparate, some will be similar but they should all ultimately be aligned/play into your strategy. May 06,  · These particular documents should include anything work-related. Your cover letter and resume should be the first two documents in your portfolio, and you should have extra copies just in case the employer requests a Natasha Quinonez. Investors should also understand that holding a portfolio of stocks even for an extended period of time can result in negative returns. For example, on March 10, , the NASDAQ composite closed at all-time high of 5,

“Related” businesses are those that rely on the same or similar capabilities to be successful and attain competitive advantage in their respective product market. Designing Product and Business Portfolios. assume that they are choosing dimensions related to their corporate (and hence portfolio) objectives.

Portfolio analysis is a systematic way to analyze the products and services that make up an association's business portfolio. In the way, in which the sound financial investments should be supported and unsound ones discarded, sound organizational activities should .

The collection of products and services provided by a businesses will engage in business portfolio analysis as part of their strategic planning efforts by categorizing the products they offer by relative competitive position and rate of .

Two-tone simulated leather portfolio features a card pocket, ID window, file pocket, pen loop, solar 8-digit calculator and ruled notepad Classic design makes it a perfect gift for any business or event.

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