Cucumber coffee and church essay

I was the first to call them on it," she added. But coffee hour is "the center of our community," she says. The proceeds went to the high school outreach group she's taking to build homes in Jamaica this summer.

Cucumber coffee and church essay


My idea is to open a coffee shop within the church so that people can get together for fellowship and get to know one another in a casual setting.

As well, newcomers could be encouraged to get involved in the church and be discipled. Any profits made in this place would, of course, be donated to the church to be put to good use i. Are there any particular passages in the Bible that support this argument?

What do you think?

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On the one hand, it seems like it might be a good way to increase fellowship, and that it might even be a good evangelistic tool. On the other hand, it would seem to merge the church with a business in some questionable ways.

Cons As you are probably aware, Jesus had some significant problems with the businesses that were being run in the temple during his day.

Probably, the sale of these animals was a convenience offered for those who had traveled long distances to Jerusalem for Passover. Such travelers would have needed animals for sacrifice, but it may have been a significant inconvenience for them to transport livestock to Jerusalem for that purpose.

Sale of animals in the temple may have been intended not only to turn a buck, but ostensibly to provide the necessary sacrificial animals for purchase on site as a help to Jews living outside Canaan.

The changing of money into local currency may also have been related to this convenience. In this particular case, Jesus cast all such businesses from the temple. As John relates the account, the point does not seem to have been that the businesses were dishonest, but simply that they were conducting business in a space reserved for and dedicated to God.

It might also be the case that a business will cause the unbelieving community to perceive the church as something less than a holy or otherworldly enterprise, but rather as just another manifestation of consumerism. And perhaps some who seek a spiritual encounter with God might be put off or even hindered in that attempt if they are listening to the ring of cash registers in the background.

Then there is the whole Sabbath issue. Should Christians work on Sunday? Should Christians patronize businesses that cause their employees to work on Sunday?

Should the church itself run a business on Sunday? Does this mean that a Church needs to hire unbelievers or those who must work of necessity to run the coffee shop? That sounds like an odd solution to me. As far as revenue goes, I suspect that a church coffee shop would lose more money than it made, but I could be wrong.

Giving to God is an act of worship, and the obligation of Christians. It ought not, in my opinion, to be replaced by business profits.

While supplementation is certainly not replacement in the strictest sense, it becomes a form of partial replacement if the church depends upon such supplementation on a regular basis. Pros Nevertheless, there is not a direct correspondence between the temple and our modern churches.Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity.

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Cucumber coffee and church essay

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Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Drinking coffee in church.

Ten years ago, if you drank coffee during the middle of a church service you were known as “that coffee guy” or “that tea lady.” It’s not that it was unheard of, but it certainly wasn’t as popular as it is today.

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