Dissertation on leadership succession

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Dissertation on leadership succession

Abney Abstract The general purpose of this quantitative research study was to determine the relationship between authentic leadership and professional moral courage.

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The ultimate goal of this study was to extend understanding of the underlying principles of authentic leadership and how each affects a leader's ability and motivation to act with unwavering moral courage.

The participants of this study were a diverse sampling of leaders selected from my LinkedIn network connections, the world's largest professional network. All data collected for this quantitative research study used a cross-sectional method with the data collected over a period of 6 days through use of electronically administered online surveys.

A correlational research design was used to test for a positive or negative relationship between authentic leadership and professional moral courage. It was found that a positive relationship existed between authentic leader and professional moral courage.

Implications for future research are also included. Ethical Leadership Under Duress: Ball Abstract Leadership is often exercised in environments where there are expectations that clash with a leader's personal, moral, and ethical standards. A leader may feel the pressure or even coercion to sacrifice certain ethical standards for the sake of expediency in advancement, achievement of goals, financial gain, or even preservation of personal comfort and status.

This study employed the combined application of socioscientific and sociohistorical exegetical analysis to examine ethical leadership under duress in the life of Daniel as described in the first six chapters of the Book of Daniel.

This study adds to the body of literature concerning ethical leadership with findings that show ethical leadership is a fully functional when exercised in environments of coercion and duress, b fully effective when exercised in environments of coercion and duress, and c powerfully influential when exercised in environments of coercion and duress.

Furthermore, this study shows a close connection between ethical leadership, servant leadership, and spiritual leadership.

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In recent years, there have been numerous reports of the drastic measures these types of leaders exude in response to moral failings and the general mistrust of the public toward these types of leaders in response to such incidences. The present exegetical analysis explores 2 Samuel 11 through social—culture texture analysis.

Using an exegetical methodology offered the opportunity to thoroughly examine the intersection between biblical exegesis and organizational theory, particularly dark side leadership and impression management as presented in 2 Samuel 11—a prevalent biblical narrative where King David, a beloved yet flawed leader, is a featured character.

This study is significant because there exists a plethora of recent research on dark side leadership; however, there is not much directly relating impression management techniques to this phenomenon nor is there research that makes the connection between dark side leadership and a classically adored biblical leader, until this discourse.

The researcher determined that in the narrative of 2 Samuel 11, King David exhibits dark side leadership; in attempts to hide the consequence of his indiscretion, he used extreme impression management tactics.

This research narrows the gap between organizational leadership theory and a narrative of biblical leadership while providing multiple opportunities for future research. But, there has been very limited research relating LMX to employee engagement and intent to stay with an organization.

This quantitative study contributes to the literature on LMX theory as it provides empirical evidence that LMX is positively related to employee engagement and employee intent to stay with an organization.

However, there is a shortage of scholarly research on religious leadership, especially regarding the characteristics that are distinctive of religious leadership as compared with leadership in general Ehrlich, ; Lindt, ; McClymond, The current study is designed to fill some of the gap in the literature through a qualitative research strategy in the form of a case study on the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, commonly known as the Foursquare Church, a Pentecostal Christian denomination with a network of over 1, churches in the United States.

The study collected data on the distinctive characteristics of Foursquare leadership by examining four core documents of the church and the church's website and through semi-structured, one-on-one interviews with eight prominent national leaders of the organization.

The researcher then analyzed the data through a systematic coding process to identify key themes related to Foursquare leader characteristics and then categorized them. The study also compared the characteristics of Foursquare leadership to the characteristics of leadership as described by Weber's theory of religious leadership and with five contemporary leadership theories to discover similarities and differences.

The results indicated there were several similarities and differences between Foursquare leadership and leadership described by Weber's theory and the five contemporary leadership theories. The findings show that Foursquare leadership has much in common with leadership described by the five contemporary theories, but only Weber's theory accounted for the distinctly religious characteristics of Foursquare leaders.

The study concluded that religious leadership as practiced in the Foursquare Church is best described by a combination of the five contemporary theories and Weber's theory.

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Discussion describes the implications and limitations of the study as well as recommendations for future research regarding religious leadership.

Measuring Leadership Competencies to Avert Crisis: Brownlee-Turgeon Abstract Relatively minimal research has been conducted around effective leadership before, during, and after a crisis occurs. More specifically, the precrisis stages lack empirical data and measurement instruments on effective leadership in terms of identifying and averting a crisis.

Wooten and James provided a conceptual model that describes leadership competencies surrounding a crisis. The current study focused on leadership competencies required in the first two stages of the conceptual model: The purpose of the study was to develop a measurement tool to evaluate key crisis aversion competencies: The measurement tool was developed through a four-step process: The study addressed content validity through the utilization of a Delphi panel.

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Factor analysis supported three factors: All scales showed internal reliability. Predictive validity and discriminant validity of the measures were examined and generally supported.Your source for research and ideas to expand high quality learning and enrichment opportunities.

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Dissertation on leadership succession

This Dissertation is brought to you for free and open access by Digital [email protected] It has been accepted for inclusion in UNLV Theses, SUCCESSION PLANNING FOR NURSING LEADERS IN A COLLEGE OF NURSING. By. Cheryl A Tucker. The succession plan framework applied in this project was the Leadership Succession.

This Dissertation is brought to you for free and open access by the Department of Public Management and Policy at ScholarWorks @ Georgia State Fancher, Lori Powers, "The Influence of Organizational Culture on the Implementation of Succession Planning." Dissertation, Georgia State University, leadership breaches in ethical and.

Introduction Succession planning and management and leadership development features noticeably on the agenda of most if not all top managers. Succession planning was a term reserved for the last wills and testaments of family owned companies, however, the application of this term has evolved to include companies whose purpose is to plan to replace CEOs.

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Dissertation on leadership succession