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He founded the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood in with William Holman Hunt and John Everett Millais, and was later to be the main inspiration for a second generation of artists and writers influenced by the movement, most notably William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones. His work also influenced the European Symbolists and was a major precursor of the Aesthetic movement.

Distinctively visual drover s wife in

Setting The setting of a narrative is very important. It creates the scene for the responder and can influence the mood and atmosphere. There are several settings in the text, including: The bush; The front yard; The kitchen; The dam. The setting we will examine in this period is the bush and the way it sets the scene for the entire story.

How is the bush described in this text? Why is it distinctive?

Presentation on theme: "The Penguin Henry Lawson Short Stories"— Presentation transcript:

What are some key words that are used in creating this image? Bush all round — bush with no horizons, for the country is flat. No ranges in the distance. The bush consists of stunted, rotten native apple trees.

Nothing to relieve the eye save the darker green of a few sheoaks which are sighing above the narrow, almost waterless creek. Nineteen miles to the nearest sign of civilisation — a shanty on the main road.

What impression do we gain of the bush in this paragraph?

Distinctively visual drover s wife in

How would you describe the bush in ten words or less? Why do you think this is important to the story? Short sentence Imagery colour Descriptive language Emotive language Truncated shortened sentences.This essay is an "A range" response, composed by myself for a practice assessment task under timed exam conditions during class.

It focuses solely on Run Lola Run, rather than the related text as at this point, I had not yet chosen my related text. Over the last five years Secret 7” has become something of phenomenon. Combining music, art and design, the project has, as of , produced 3, one-of-a-kind record sleeves for 35 musicians, raised well over £, for charity, and in welcomed 22, people to the London exhibition.

Oct 26,  · 25 must-see buildings in Arizona. (Weaver & Drover): This bank was famously built by Frank Henry in for an creative and inspired bank . Kames’s and Monboddo’s cues are taken up with a vengeance in Count Robert of Paris. In Scott’s Constantinople—pullulating with different sects, nations, races, species—the boundaries between race and species, and between human and non-human species, melt and blur.

The page lists the poets whose work is represented in the digital library in alphabetical order according to their surnames.

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Distinctively visual drover s wife in
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