Puran bhagat

Thus, his future progress is natural and easy. When the king Parikshiti was cursed by the son of a Brahmin Rishi and was about to die a week later, the great sage Shuka expounded to him the famous Bhagwat Puran. This practice is followed even now and the Gita, Bhagawat and other sacred books are read out to dying persons.

Puran bhagat

After a few years at school in Amritsar, he joined his father's business of civil construction dealing in the laying of railway tracks and the digging of tunnels. Building contracts then being given out. Sujan Singh-Sobha Singh were accepted as senior-grade contractors. Plans for the new city were drawn immediately after the Coronation Durbar.

The Foundation stones had been laid by the King and Queen. After this the architects, Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker wanted to change the site from where the foundation stones had been laid to Raisina hill and the village Puran bhagat Malcha.

The construction of the plans were taken up after World War I — Sir Sobha bought as much land in Delhi as he could. He bought several extensive sites at as little as Rs 2 per square yard, freehold.

There were few other takers, and he came to be described as adhi dilli ka malik the owner of half of Delhi. Sir Sobha Singh was a person of modest education but his success as a builder made him one of the wealthiest persons of Delhi; also, a prominent member of the social elite. He also became the first Indian president of the New Delhi Municipal Council and held the post four times, in, and Legacy[ edit ] Sir Sobha left a large part of his private estate to a charitable trust, The Sobha Singh Trust, which maintains homes and hospices for the terminally ill and aged all over the country, most recently it built, a dharamsalawithin the Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital complex, in New Delhi in [9] He also presided over some institutions funded by it like the Deaf and Dumb School and the Modern School.

Among his last grants was one for Bhagat Puran Singh 's Pingalwara home for the destitute in Amritsar. They had four sons:For Suggestions, Publish your books on pfmlures.com Email to: [email protected] Puran Bhagat was a Punjabi ascetic and Prince of Sailkot.

Today he is also worshipped as Baba Sahaj Nath Ji. Background Puran was born to Queen Ichhira, the first wife of Raja Sálbán. Upon the suggestion of the astrologers, Puran was sent away from the King for the first 12 years of his life. It was said that King could not see the face of his son.

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"The Miracle of Purun Bhagat", "The Bridge-Builders", and much of Kim show Hinduism with sympathy and understanding, and there is a passage about a mosque in Egypt which seems to express the essence of Islam. Bani of Bhagats By G S pfmlures.com lives and selected works of saints included in holy book Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Puran bhagat

A book dedicated to the bhakti saints.

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