The role of an individualistic mentality in societal development

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The role of an individualistic mentality in societal development

I would also like to thank the Northey Street City Farm gardeners for their participation in the interview process. My thanks are also extended to my parents Alberto and Licia Gelsi for their moral support, to Mr Kieran Tranter, Ms Lyndall Sleep and Ms Philippa Hawke for their advice and lengthy discussions, and to Mr Robert Righton without whose computer support this thesis would have not been possible.

This chapter outlines the purpose of this thesis and its organisation, and defines some important concepts. Cultural habits significantly impact on policies and plans aimed at addressing the social, economic and material needs of people.

The engagement in consumption activities constitutes one such significant cultural habit for people in Western countries.

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However, due to a theoretical bias towards production, sociologists and policy makers ignore consumption as an important form of cultural activity. This thesis attempts to redress this theoretical imbalance by examining the practices of consumption of a group of Australian community gardeners.

The reason for exploring the social and cultural life of a community gardening group is to provide a site where environmentalist concerns about the impacts of consumption intersect with those social and economic relations that environmentalists are attempting to transform. Given the scarcity of sociological research on community gardening, this thesis presents an exploratory study of one of the 38 Australian community garden and city farm groups listed by Phillips Specifically, I will explore how the community gardeners' production and consumption activities, together with the cultural and ideological representations of these come to mediate and construct the group's identity.

Community gardening as urban agriculture Community gardening is one of many forms of urban agriculture.

The role of an individualistic mentality in societal development

In order to place community gardening in its context it is necessary to have an understanding of the status of contemporary urban agriculture as a broad strategy for addressing the socio-economic and ecological impacts of food production through self-sufficiency, self-reliance and permaculture design.

Urban agriculture is the production of vegetable and animal food within urban boundaries. For instance, peri-urban agriculture broad acre commercial food production is practised on the urban fringe.

Food is also grown on rooftops, in apartment gardens, and in home backyards. Community gardens are also sites where food is grown. However, they have their own distinct social organisation.

Community gardens are sites where people produce vegetables and fruit and educate the public about urban agriculture. They may be cultivated communally or subdivided into allotments cultivated by individuals. City farms also engage in these same activities and are organised in the same way, but also rear domestic animals as food sources.

As community gardens and city farms are very similar, hereafter these terms will be treated as synonymous. Community gardens are numerous in industrialised countries. In New York alone there are over community gardens, and Boston and San Francisco have and respectively.

Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver are also similarly involved in community gardening Sommers and Smit In all known cases the land belongs to the city municipality. Urban agricultural activities can be traced back to antiquity Mougeot Today environmentalists and non-government organisations argue that urban agriculture has the potential for addressing a number of social, economic and ecological problems cf.

Funches ; Katz However, most efforts at developing urban agriculture are aimed at industrialising countries where lack of food access accentuates health and nutritional issues.

This focus has taken precedence over the development of long-term urban agricultural policies that address broader urban social and ecological sustainability issues in industrialised countries cf. Because of this the intersection between these policy concerns and the cultural context of urban agricultural activity has also been ignored.

From a sociological viewpoint, the notion and practice of urban agriculture challenges the traditional urban-rural dichotomy, that is, the geographical differentiation of labour between food producers in rural areas, and non-food producers in urban areas.

This blurring of rural-urban boundaries has postmodernist connotations. As Rose and Tikhomirov argue, since the rural-urban dichotomy characterises a modernised society, the move towards urban agriculture constitutes a shift towards de-modernisation, where, because the market, as in the Russian and Eastern European cases, cannot adequately satisfy food demand, people are forced to grow food in the city.

In Australia, however, the economic, social and cultural differentiation between city and country is still marked.Creating the Good Society ; Claire Andre and Manuel Velasquez we will have to shed our individualistic blinders and learn to "pay attention" to ways in which we are dependent on and collectively responsible for the institutions that shape our common life.

as bearers of our moral ideals, will also play a vital role in preparing us for. What is the role of individuals/citizens in contributing towards sustainable development (SD)? i think in order to see the individuals role in .

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On 8 October , Pope Francis convoked the III Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops to treat the topic: The Pastoral Challenges of the Family in the Context of Evangelization.

The General Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops began its preparation by sending the Preparatory Document, which generated significant reflection among the People of God. ABSTRACT - The purpose of this paper is to discuss ways in which Geert Hofstede's research on cross-cultural values in an employment context may be applicable to consumer behavior.

In individualistic cultures, people are considered "good" if they are strong, self-reliant, assertive, and independent. This contrasts with collectivistic cultures where characteristics like being self-sacrificing, dependable, generous, and helpful to .

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